Retirement Interest Only (RIO) mortgage is targeted at borrowers aged 55 and over who are either still working or have already retired. 

The RIO mortgage simply re-enables borrowers to take an interest only mortgage, beyond retirement. 
RIOs have no defined term and will run until repaid from the sale of the property, death of the borrower, or the point at which they move into long-term care. 
Customers who can be helped 

End of term 

Sometimes called mortgage prisoners, these customers are stuck on a high interest rate and no longer meet the outdated criteria of their existing lenders. 

Bank of Mum and Dad 

Customers who want to help their children or grandchildren with financial support to get on the housing ladder or pay off student loans etc. 

Home improvements 

Customers who want to make improvements to their existing property can free up funds with our interest-only mortgages. 

Alternative to Equity Release mortgages 

RIOs can provide higher levels of borrowing to applicants who can service interest-only payments & borrowers are not impacted by roll-up compounding interest. 

Debt consolidation 

Customers who see an opportunity to reduce existing 

Purchasing a home 

Borrowers over 55 who aspire to buying their dream home or second home can benefit from our human approach to underwriting. 

Inheritance Tax 

Customers looking to take a mortgage and then use/gift the proceeds to reduce the amount of family tax that might be due in the future. 

Flexible lending approach to income 

Employment income, self-employment income, pensions, investments, rental, and other assets can be considered for affordability assessment. 

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